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Thomas are already working with a number of integrated partners across a range of systems, all of whom have been selected specifically to add value to our customers and ensure we continue to provide assessments and solutions in a way that fits their needs.

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Thomas' integration into the iCIMS Talent Platform offers a seamless transfer of candidate assessment data from one platform to another, allowing you to manage the hiring process from start to finish, all within a single, cloud-based application. This seamless integration on a cutting edge technical platform streamlines recruitment.



iCIMS empowers companies to manage their entire hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service. Built on the foundation of a best-to-market talent acquisition software suite, iCIMS allows employers to expand their talent acquisition technology capabilities by integrating with partners to help them attract, find, screen, and manage candidates.


Oracle Taleo’s integration with Thomas assessments delivers a more fluid experience for companies, providing them with the means to more easily source, recruit, develop, and retain top talent using a data rich cloud based software suite.



Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service is used by a number of leading organisations worldwide to hire the best people, align them to corporate objectives, and develop their skills to drive superior business results. Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service meets the talent management needs of the largest and most demanding enterprises with global consistency and local flexibility.


Thomas partner with SAP SuccessFactors to enable the successful integration of assessment solutions into their HCM Suite. Thomas’ seamless integration into the platform automates assessment management so that you can increase the efficiency of your hiring processes


ABOUT  SAP SuccessFactors

People are the heartbeat of every organisation and great business results start with great people. When people are all-in, feeling supported, trained, rewarded and motivated, they do what it takes to win. As the leading cloud-based HCM Suite, SAP SuccessFactors helps more than 6,000+ customers, and 45+ million cloud application subscribers, across more than 60 industries in over 177 countries, tap into this heartbeat.


Thomas' integration into the Avature Applicant Tracking System allows users to easily profile their candidates without manual time-consuming work. Managing the hiring process from start to finish within a single platform, including advanced profiling and feedback collection, means users can get the right candidate quicker.



Avature ATS is a comprehensive enterprise solution that can be configured to manage executive, professional, and hourly recruiting. Avature’s one platform model simplifies recruiter training, centralises valuable candidate data, and makes compliance easier to manage.

Building and maintaining a Smarter Workforce can significantly affect bottom line results. By using Thomas International assessments within the IBM Kenexa BrassRing Talent Management solution you can quickly find top employee talent whilst getting the best performance from your current workforce.



IBM® Kenexa® l on Cloud is a global leader in applicant tracking systems and is used by many large and successful organisations around the world to attract, engage and hire top talent. This IBM global recruiting solution offers robust flexibility and extensive language support, while providing an exceptional user interface that can help enhance your reputation as an Employer of Choice.

Thomas tools link seamlessly into the Jobtrain candidate management system to ensure a smooth transition between career pages and assessment completion. By integrating assessments into the platform, you can effectively identify strong candidates and easily screen those that may not be the right fit.



Jobtrain’s applicant tracking software has been developed over 16 years to support, manage and automate corporate online recruitment processes. It does this right from vacancy approval, job advertising and online applications through application scoring and candidate screening, interview arrangement, right through to offer management, pre-employment checks and new hire onboarding.

Thomas assessments integrate with HARBOUR®’s applicant tracking system to make it easier for you to source, track and screen candidates to meet your business requirements, all through one flexible and efficient SaaS platform.



HARBOUR® is a proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that has, as its core features, Applicant Tracking and Content Management modules. HARBOUR® is a web-based system that brings together all the elements you need to establish and manage a super-efficient careers site, deliver the most engaging, consistent candidate experience and access unsurpassed levels of reporting.

CareerHQs integration with Thomas assessments provides a platform that delivers a smooth career progression and study options advice to students and employees. Using assessments as part of the process allows the platform to take into account the persons behavioural styles throughout their journey with CareerHQ.



CareerHQ pride themselves on guiding you to identify and embark on career opportunities that suit you.They help you make career and study choices now and along life’s journey.They can also assist your ongoing career development with personalised coaching.

Thomas assessment can integrate with Varbi Recruit to help add certainty to your recruitment process. Our integration allows you to easily automate and track assessment management through the Varbi Recruit system, giving you more time to focus on finding the right employee.



Varbi Recruit is a cloud-based recruitment tool that allows you take control of the entire recruitment process. Varbi Recruit helps make life easier for 32,000 recruiters across Scandinavia by allowing employers of all sizes and industries to advertise, receive applications, filter, sort, perform tests, rank applications and to communicate with candidates and colleagues.

Thomas’s integration into the LogicMelon talent management suite allows users to personalise their software solution so that it fits their business needs, with the opportunity to introduce Thomas assessments seamlessly into the process.



LogicMelon are award-winning job posting and candidate management professionals. Their solution is built around offering bespoke solutions to your recruitment and candidate experience needs. In a nutshell, they make recruiting and managing candidates an easy, engaging adventure. LogicMelon’s cloud based software is a smart but simple hybrid of a ‘lite ATS’ meets multi job poster. They are integrated with thousands of job boards, not to mention all your favourite social media channels.


Hire FX’s integration with Thomas assessments provides you with a platform to deliver a smooth recruitment service using assessment solutions, analyse specific hiring needs and develop solutions to deal with each unique recruitment scenario.



Anywhere in the world, in any language, Hire FX is the leading recruitment service for repeat or multiple hiring and primarily targets small to medium sized businesses. They provide a hybrid of proven, powerful assessment tools that combine the benefit of having your own in-house recruiting expertise and reducing the time-consuming nature of reviewing CVs and selecting candidates to interview.

Thomas’ Personal Profile Analysis assessment is integrated into Speedrecuiters’ search and recruitment system to allow candidates to quickly, securely and easily complete the candidacy verification process before being progressed to the shortlist for final interview.



Speedrecruiters is the paradigm of the future, when it comes to the search and recruitment of unique employees. It provides the most efficient, quality and price-conscious services possible, to both candidates and companies. The Race Track™ Expert application determines the score and the weighting of candidates within a number of categories in order to provide clients with only the best possible shortlist of final candidates.

Thomas’ integration into Talcura allows you to give in-depth feedback on candidates through cloud based software. This allows you to reduce your HR resource strain and instead allow them to focus their time on other higher value strategic tasks.



Talcura is a leading provider of integrated, intuitive, easy-to-use software that enables organisations to effectively source, select and retain high quality job candidates. Talcura’s recruitment systems host thousands of jobs per year and is used and trusted by successful corporations across North America.


Thomas assessments integrate into the Aicovo system helping you to streamline your recruitment process, aiding you in identifying the ideal candidate for each job by producing a more well-rounded profile of each individual.



Aicovo is a talent management system that assists clients in recruiting the right people for the right jobs, providing you with everything you need. Their corporate culture is built on open communication that helps them and their consumers flourish.